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Prerequisite Install fish shell (site and git) Method 1  Install oh-my-shell (git). Change theme. Agnoster and Bobthefish themes are quite useful. Method 2 Install Powerline (git). It requires fish shell version over 2.1.

Problem I made a Live bootable USB of Ubuntu 10.04.04 with Startup Disk Creator which was basically installed on my Mint 17 (distro. based on Ubuntu 14.04) machine. But, booting was failed. It was waiting permanently on startup screen. [caption id=«» align=«aligncenter» width=«1024»]Waiting permanently on startup screen[/caption] Solution I used another program _UNetbootin_ which successfully booted Ubuntu 10.04.04. You can find the tool here. Tip To make a live USB that can maintain some changes, set «Space used to preserve files across reboots (Ubuntu only)» as a positive value.

Purpose Want to be notified remotely when a job has been finished (through email). Also, include a few lines of final results (stdout a.k.a. console output) as the content of the email. Solution Use tee command to make additional file with the content of stdout. Use tail command to get a few lines of the last printed output after the job finished. <job command> | tee <console output file path>; tail <console output file path> | mail -s "<mail title>" <mail address> For example,

0. Intro I wanted to run a PARSEC 3.0 benchmark on a Gem5 full system simulator. Because the size of compiled PARSEC 3.0 benchmark was too large (about 10GB), the original full system disk image provided by Gem5 official site could not be used. At first, I tried to mount a secondary disk image that contains benchmark files after Gem5’s full system was booted. I expected that, in this way,

Purpose Let’s do ssh login without being prompted to enter the password. From client, generate key with the following command. $ ssh-keygen Type enter, without setting a passphrase. From client, copy the generated key to the server. $ ssh-copy-id yulistic@123.456.789.123 Login to the server without entering your password. Tip. You can copy public key to remote server manually. In the local machine, by appending the key of local machine (content of file: _~/.

tmux commands

tmux is a useful tool: to maintain sessions when ssh connection failed. to make windows (tabs) and control them only with keyboard. to make panes (split windows vertically or horizontally…) and control them only with keyboard. and so on… Basic tmux commands From out of the tmux session. tmux new -s [session_name] : make a new session. tmux ls : list current session list.

Vim tips

divide window [Ctrl] + w v => split vertically. [Ctrl] + w s => split horizontally. :vs filename => split vertically and open file. :sp filename => split horizontally and ope file. :qa close all windows. (in shell) vim -o txt.a txt.b => open txt.a and txt.b in two windows split horizontally. (in shell) vim -O txt.a txt.b => open txt.a and txt.