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Environment Many-core system with multiple multi-threaded applications. Contribution The paper suggests SBMP (Scalability-Based Manycore Partitioning) scheduler which considers the scalability of each application and allocates the best number of CPU cores in accordance with the scalability. SBMP scheduler outperformed the traditional Linux CPU scheduler (kernel version of about 11%. Problem to solve The system is anticipated to get more number of cores. As the number of cores increases, multiple applications will run on the system simultaneously.

Environment Future general purpose multicore system. Contribution It suggests a new approach that efficiently finds a near-global optimum configuration of finer-grained power gating (unit of lane, explained below) without requiring offline training, microarchitecture state, or foreknowledge of the workload. Due to its purely online black-box approach, the Flicker control algorithm (global optimization algorithm) adapts on-the-fly to different machine microarchitectures and to machines that run a wide variety of applications.