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Refer to the following link. My installation succeeded with second method in the site:»FOR BINARY DRIVERS» link —– Appended, 2015-10-15 Blacklist nouveau. Refer to link. Download the proper Nvidia driver corresponding to your GPU. Install the driver. 1) Press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F1] and go to the terminal mode. 2) sudo service mdm stop (in the case of mint linux). 3) Install Nvidia driver (sudo sh NVIDIA~~~). Reboot.

Mint Linux 17 한영키 문제 Mint Linux 17 Korean/English convert key problem. 시스템 환경: Mint Linux 17 64bit Environment: Mint Linux 17 64bit 문제: ibus, nabi 등을 이용해 보았지만, Chromium 브라우저에서의 한글 문제를 해결하기 까다로움. Problem: I cannot

Environment: Mint Linux 17 64bit (on X86 machine) Problem: I want to register a new program - locally built so it was not registered to the alt+f2 automatically - to alt+f2 command. Solution: Symbolic link was used. (-s option is make link to be symbolic.) $ sudo ln -s /your/program/execution/path /usr/bin/commandname Example: I want to register mendeley program (paper management program) as alt+f2 command. $ sudo ln -s /home/yulistic/programs/mendeley/bin/mendeleydesktop /usr/bin/mendeley

Problem: I want to connect to samba server (windows machine) from linux machine. Solution: use smbclient. 1. Check the available samba folder in samba server machine. smbclient -L //[url of samba server or ip address]/ Find the sharename that is used as samba share folder. 2. Connect to the samba folder. smbclient //[url of samba server or ip address]/[shared folder]_ -U [username]_ If connected successfully, terminal shows as below.

When you rebuild your own kernel and upload it on your ODROID-XU board with Android system, the kernel modules should be uploaded too. If not, the following message will be prompted in booting time. _smsc95xx: version magic ‘3.4.5 SMP preempt mod_unload ARMv7 p2v8 ‘ should be ‘3.4.5-00019-gc81eeaf-dirty SMP preempt modunload ARMv7 p2v8 ‘ [Problem] The situation is that your kernel (including kernel modules) has been compiled and uploaded to your ODROID-XU successfully.

Environment Future general purpose multicore system. Contribution It suggests a new approach that efficiently finds a near-global optimum configuration of finer-grained power gating (unit of lane, explained below) without requiring offline training, microarchitecture state, or foreknowledge of the workload. Due to its purely online black-box approach, the Flicker control algorithm (global optimization algorithm) adapts on-the-fly to different machine microarchitectures and to machines that run a wide variety of applications.

**In a word **Check whether the owner of wordpress directory is the same as that of web server process (i.e. apache or nginx). Problem I cannot update plugins or theme in wordpress because of FTP credential failure. Reason It might occur because of diverse reasons. In my case, it is because of a permission mismatch between the owner of nginx service (substitute of apache) and the owner of wordpress directory.