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Exporting to cropped png image with transparent background in LibreOffice 5 Draw

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Draw LibreOffice export png crop


I wanted to export a figure drawn with LibreOffice Draw to png file. The two requirements below were my consideration.

  1. The exported image should have transparent background.
  2. The whitespace of page should be cropped out. Namely, the exported image should fit to the figure it contains.


Following instructions will lead you to export a right image.

  1. Check Tools > Options > LibreOffice > General > Open/Save Dialogs > Use LibreOffice dialogs.
  2. Select all your image. You can use shourtcut, Ctrl+a.
  3. File > Export will show you a dialog in which you can check Selection.
  4. Enter file name, select format as PNG, check Selection and click Export....
  5. PNG Options dialog will be displayed. Check Save transparency for transparent background.

After clicking OK, you will get a png file as you want.