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Speccpu2006 FormatterToHTML.cpp memset was not declared error

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Error occurs while compiling SPECCPU2006 benchmark, 483.xalancbmk with following messages.

FormatterToHTML.cpp: In member function 'void xalanc_1_8::FormatterToHTML::initCharsMap()':                                                                     
FormatterToHTML.cpp:139:42: error: 'memset' was not declared in this scope      
Specmake: *** [FormatterToHTML.o] Error 1  

The problem was because string library was not included in FormatterToHTML.cpp file.


One possible solution might be to add one line of code, #include <cstring> to the FormatterToHTML.cpp file. But, SPECCPU2006 benchmark checks MD5 before the compilation, which prompts another error for the one-line modifying solution.

Fortunately, a compiler option provides an interface to include library without the source code modification. You can add the options -include cstdlib -include cstring to your config file to solve the problem as below.


CXXPORTABILITY = -DSPEC_CPU_LINUX -include cstdlib -include cstring