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[Wordpress] FTP credential error

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**In a word **Check whether the owner of wordpress directory is the same as that of web server process (i.e. apache or nginx).

Problem I cannot update plugins or theme in wordpress because of FTP credential failure.

Reason It might occur because of diverse reasons. In my case, it is because of a permission mismatch between the owner of nginx service (substitute of apache) and the owner of wordpress directory. When you are trying to update wordpress stubs in administrator web page, _nginx (or apache/daemon if you use apache),_ the owner of the process tries to change files in wordpress directory. But, the owner, nginx, does not have a permission to change the wordpress directory so the problem occurs.

Solution Change the owner of wordpress directory to the owner of nginx (apache) service.

chown -R [owner]:[_group of the owner]_ [_wordpress directory]

_Ex> chown -R nginx:nginx wordpress

You can check the owner of nginx process by _ps -ef | grep nginx_ (or something like ps -ef|grep httpd in the case of using apache).