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Live Bootable USB for Ubuntu 10.04.04

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I made a Live bootable USB of Ubuntu 10.04.04 with Startup Disk Creator which was basically installed on my Mint 17 (distro. based on Ubuntu 14.04) machine.

But, booting was failed. It was waiting permanently on startup screen.

[caption id=«» align=«aligncenter» width=«1024»] Waiting permanently on startup screen[/caption]


I used another program _UNetbootin_ which successfully booted Ubuntu 10.04.04. You can find the tool here.


To make a live USB that can maintain some changes, set «Space used to preserve files across reboots (Ubuntu only)» as a positive value.

[caption id=«attachment_372» align=«aligncenter» width=«526»] UNetbootin window[/caption]