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Create boot partition after installation

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Make a boot partition be separated from the root partition without re-installation.


  • Ubuntu 10.04.04

  • Live USB (Burned with UNetbootin)

  • Grub legacy


Basically refer to link. The site mentions two methods: Easy way and Manual way. Firstly, I tried _Easy way_ but failed because of some problems in a tool, boot-repair. I recommend to follow Manual way and the following explanations are also related to that way.

  1. Boot Ubuntu with the Live USB or Live CD.

  2. Make a new partition for /boot with GParted tool. You can shrink existing partition to retain a space for the new boot partition. Please refer to the_ Step 3_ and 4 of the Easy way.

  3. Just follow the instructions on the reference site. When mounting drives (boot and main) you might fail because of no sufficient space in root(/) partition for mounting. I instead used /tmp directory for mounting. (/tmp/boot for the new boot partition and /tmp/main for the previous root(/) partition)

  4. umount also failed because of the lack of space. -n option will help you to umount without saving data to /etc/mtab.

    error writing /etc/mtab.tmp: No space left on device

  5. When you setting up GRUB Legacy, the site shows an example for (hd0,1). It is because the example is dealing with /dev/sda2 as its new boot partition. In my case, a new boot partition was /dev/sda3 in which case root should be (hd0,2). Alternatively, you can set the menu.lst file as below writing UUID directly.

    title Linux uuid 89591593-766e-4565-9d5c-017fb0e33298 # UUID of your boot partition. kernel /vmlinuz- root=UUID=fa565f6c-76a9-4c2a-ac8b-2003f97ed7be ro # UUID of your root(/) partition initrd /initrd.img-

  6. When re-installing grub, you should input proper values corresponding to your machine state. For example, my boot partition was /dev/sda3, so I needed to write root (hd0,2) and setup (hd0). (hd0 means sda, 2 in (hd0,2) means 3 in sda3)